Highways Experience


Across the whole group of companies, there is experience with supplying highways projects with our construction related services. We have teams of experienced operators and supervisors who have played a big part in the delivery of Highways schemes such as Smart Motorways and Motorway widening. Whichever service it is that you require from the M O’Brien group, you can rest assured that we have the understanding and expertise to ensure safe and efficient delivery of those services. 

Recent highways schemes that M O’Brien has been involved with include:

  • A30 Upgrade – Chiverton to Carland Cross. Plant Hire and Drainage Installation
  • M27 Junction 4 – 11 Smart motorway. Earthworks, Drainage, Civils and Plant Hire.
  • M1 Junction 13- 16 Smart Motorway – Plant Hire and bespoke Haulage management.
  • A13 Road Widening – Drainage installation.
  • A14 major upgrade – Drainage installation and Haulage.
  • M4 Junction 3 – 12 – Drainage installation & bespoke Haulage management

Raising the bar

Thanks to 20+ years of working on highways projects we understand the importance of raising the bar and the innovation that goes hand in hand with that philosophy. Over the years we have received reward and recognition from our clients for the part we have played in bringing new and innovative products to the industry. Some of the innovations now widely used across the national highways portfolio of projects include:

  • Spill Guards fitted to tipper vehicles. (Blue star awarded)
  • The HALO exclusion zone lighting system. (Blue star awarded)
  • Emergency remote hydraulic cut off switches. 
  • Slew and Height restrictor systems.
  • GPS machine control. 
  • Red zone and behavioural based training programs.


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