M O'Brien Group of companies Acquires LB Silica Sand LTD

In a deal that has been kept under wraps for the past few months, details have now been finalised on the deal that will see the M O’Brien Group take over LB Silica Sand LTD including the companies quarry operation in Heath and Reach.

LB Silica sand is an international supplier and is very fortunate that the sand has a high-grade silica content which provides a consistent quality at all times. The silica sand is both distributed and supplied from the company owned quarry in the Heath and Reach and can cater for all sectors, including industrial, construction and agricultural as well as more recreational areas including leisure and equestrian surfaces. They have been mining since the 1950s, giving the team years of experience and extensive knowledge within this industry and providing a variety of forms of sand for a range of uses.
The acquisition of LB Silica sand and its quarry is a major boost to the Haulage arm of the group, Ashvale Haulage, Which has gone from strength to strength since its conception in 2001. Ashvale now runs a fleet of 40 Tipper Lorries, Hi-abs, and Plant transport vehicles. The company will be boosted by the new requirement for the delivery of sand, and the transport of material for restoration of the quarry.

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