M O’Brien shortlisted for Highways England blue star award for use of technology in RAMS.

Being a business that is always looking to innovate and make our works safer and more efficient, we’ve been recognised by our client BMJV and Highways England for our work to simplify Risk assessment, method statements and implement technology to make them a more interactive experience for the team on the ground.

Through our recently launched “Your contribution” platform that allows all members of the M O’Brien group to make suggestions for change and improvement to our business. M27 Site manager Pawel recently placed his idea’s for a simplified more interactive RAMS briefing and subsequently led the implementation team to bring the new system into play.

Being recognised by our clients has provided a lift for all involved and proves we are a modern forward thinking team of people with ideas that are taking us in the right direction with much to learn and give we hope to continue to innovate and produce.

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