New wave of Scania’s with improved vision arrive at Ashvale Haulage.

M O’Brien groups haulage division Ashvale Haulage have today taken delivery of their first 10 Scania P410 XT tipper lorries. The ever expanding Fors Gold accredited haulage firm have ordered the extra tippers to meet the extra demand presented by its successful customers. Always seeking to raise the bar, Ashvale decided to move away from its usual standard P410 style cabs in favour of the new 3 star vision rated XT model.

The main benefit of the new XT cab, has to be the improved visibility. There really is a great view both forwards and sideways from the driver’s seat. This results in a much better view of the road immediately in front but also helps to narrow the blind spot around the A-pillars. That awkward A-pillar blind spot is also reduced because the upright is now narrower, and the special XT reinforced ribbed rear-view mirrors are easier to see around – it helps open up the view in a notoriously difficult area. Visibility is improved further still by the optional cut-out lower passenger door mirror which is actually much more useful than in other set-ups because the driver’s seating position is that much further forward.

Also fitted is the usual high standard of safety features found on the rest of our fleet, including 5 way recording cameras to give a 360 degree view, pedestrian side scanners, left turn audible alarm, handbrake not engaged alarm, driver performance monitor including economical driving and braking harshness reports with live feedback to the driver.

James O’Donnell Managing director at Ashvale Haulage says “We have a long history of running Scania vehicles on our fleet, and as a manufacture they have listened to the feedback given and created a truck with greater all round visibility to improve safety for vulnerable road users. I am very pleased with this purchase and i am looking forward to getting them on the road so we can continue to service our customers with the best equipment on the market”

The delivery of these units coincides well with national road safety week, promoted by Brake! the road safety charity, who work to raise awareness of best practice and everything road safety, you can see some of the work they do on their website here

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