Operator recognition: Gheorgeh Sumlanschi

We like to recognise and reward whenever we see our companies values being demonstrated positively in the field. We received some very positive feedback about our operator Gheorgeh on one of our Birmingham based projects last week.

The clients works manager and Director of safety were conducting a site visit when they seen our 8 tonne excavator working adjacent to some overhead lines. The director of safety was naturally concerned by this, but Gheorgeh took the time to explain and demonstrate that the machine was fitted with an X watch height restrictor that prevents the arm of the excavator from reaching above a set height limit. Gheorgeh then brought the whole safety team around to demonstrate how the restrictors work, and pointed out the purple beacon that lets others know that the restrictor is engaged and in use.

The whole crew received good praise from the director as they were all interacting positively towards safety and engaging with the safety team. We are pleased that our team are demonstrating two of our core values here, being safety and team work.

This was rewarded today with Contracts Director Phil Hayden presenting Gheorgeh with a M&S voucher and an insulated cold drinks flask. Well done Gheorgeh Sumlanschi for setting a great example.

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