GPS Machine Control

As a leading plant supplier, no fleet would be complete without the latest machine guidance and control technology readily available for use on our earth moving equipment. Having worked with machine guidance and control across the UK for the past 10 years, our team have gained valuable experience and knowledge that we pass on to our customers to help them drive efficiency and safety across their projects.

We work with market leaders including Leica, Trimble and Topcon to provide our customers with high end GPS solutions where their 3d model can be imported directly to the machinery and allow the accurate excavation to the design, reducing the time taken to complete a task and therefore emissions and costs. We like our operators to take a Dig once, dig right approach in order to maximise efficiency and the GPS systems further enhance this approach, reducing the amount of earth excavated and fill required to the bare minimum as per the designers requirements.

Checking progress and levels is far more straightforward and helps remove the requirement for ground personnel to constantly check levels as the GPS system takes care of this by preventing the possibility of over excavating, meaning less people plant interaction, and an overall safer site.


We train our operatives and offer training for customers using the latest simulator technology in order to effectively demonstrate the “Hows and the why’s” of machine control. We find this method very effective as the simulator perfectly emulates the real machine control devices fitted to the plant and equipment found on site. This one day course can be carried out at our construction training facility in St Albans and delivered by our in house plant trainers.

For more information on our GPS systems, including production management capabilities, please contact us for a demonstration on how GPS machine control can provide benefits to your project. 

Questions & Answers
What brand of machine control can you supply?
We currently offer the latest solutions from Trimble and Leica.
Do I need a base station on site?
Whilst we can offer a base station, our GPS kits have the capability to connect to Smart net/ VRS via a sim card to receive data and corrections.
Can you offer training on machine control?
Yes, we have a dedicated classroom and simulator in which we can train operators on both machine control systems and the most efficient ways to use them.

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