Through the acquisition of Windmill Training, an approved and experienced provider of construction training, we are in a position to provide both CPCS and NPORS accredited courses. 

As well as this we have developed a number of in house courses that we feel makes operatives more rounded, safer and with a better understanding of how and why the industry is changing for the better. 

Some of these courses include:

  • Eco Operator training.
  • Red Zone training.
  • GPS and Digital machine control training. 
  • Advanced Hazard awareness. 
  • Machinery attachment training. 
  • Slew and Height restrictor familiarisation. 


We have a large open space training facility where prospective operatives can safely operate machinery under the supervision of our experienced trainers equipped with 2 way radio headsets for optimum communication and coaching. 

Prior to commencing physical training in the field, candidates receive familiarisation on one of our state of the art construction plant simulators in order to build the hand to eye coordination and muscle memory in a low pressure sustainable environment. We have found that this technology has helped many operators have a far better understanding of the machinery and are more natural with the real machine when they begin to operate for the first time.

Digital training

Our offering of digitally connected plant would be nowhere near as effective as it’s been without the support of our training division delivering its in house developed syllabus to coach operatives on how it can be used correctly.

We train our operatives and offer training for customers using the latest simulator technology in order to effectively demonstrate the “Hows and the why’s” of machine control. We find this method very effective as the simulator perfectly emulates the real machine control devices fitted to the plant and equipment found on site. This one day course can be carried out at our construction training facility in St Albans and delivered by our in house plant trainers.

For more information on our GPS systems, including production management capabilities, please contact us for a demonstration on how GPS machine control can provide benefits to your project.

Whilst Windmill training’s website is receiving its overhaul please contact our training team with any enquiries

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